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Biyt will be accepting new students starting January 6, 2018. The next Free Probestunde/Taster sessions will be held January 6 and 13. Please reserve your place now.

An opportunity to develop acting skills, build self-esteem, create theater in English and make new friends. The first class is free for new students. This gives the student the opportunity to decide if they would like to continue. After that, a full commitment for the term is expected and the free class will be subtracted from the total cost.

The second term begins on January 6 and concludes with a performance on March 17. During this time, the ensemble class students will devise and produce a completely original performance to be shown on March 17. For this project BIYT, is proud to have the special guest director and drama educator Ida Koski from Finland. She will also lead the BIYT Lab class.

“For kids who want to venture into new and exciting worlds, build team skills and find lifelong friends, I say give this a try… Because these are the things that BIYT has given me.”  /  Rebecca Fixemer, Winner of the Acting Student of the Year award 2017 at the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona

The BIYT Ensemble  (age 15-20)

Saturdays 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

€ 200 per term

€ 162 for additional family members

In this time of skepticism and severity, we begin to wonder: is being pushy, tough and smart-mouthed really the only way to be successful? Is being kind and nice a total no-go? Where is all that goodness hanging out anyway? Who do you think is the modern fairy godmother who deserves to be revealed? If you could choose someone to admire for their goodness, who would it be? Would it be a writer, an activist, your friend or maybe a relative? Now it’s time to get into detective mode because this show is a tribute to all those secret heroes who are about to be revealed. This term, BIYT will set off on an expedition to explore this eternal theme.

“One of my main interests is to meet the needs and interests of the BIYT students. While I was working with the group last spring, I became aware of some requests to do a completely original piece and I think the students have lot of potential in creating one. I’d like to use methods that fully engage this particular age group, methods that are characteristic for documentary theater.”  Ida Koski

The BIYT Lab (age 11-14)

Saturdays 10:00 am -11:30 am

€ 170 per term

€ 132 for additional family members.

The focus of these classes is discovering the magic of theater. The process involves stretching and strengthening the basic tools of acting that everyone already has – the imagination, body and voice. The first part of the class consists of fun, relaxing theater games to free the imagination, make us feel comfortable within the group and inspire self-confidence. The second part focuses on scene building exercises and improvisations which work towards the creation of original text.

In 2018, all students will have the opportunity to audition for the annual BIYT play.

————> To register and for more information please contact Priscilla Bergey at

Past Productions:

•   2010  BIYT’s first full-length theater production, Tale of the Rebel Waves

•   2011  The second show was Blood of the Butterfly, a science fiction fantasy where three separate civilizations become entangled in a web of greed, presented in June 2011 and again in December 2011.

•   2012  The third production Till Someone Sneezes, based on The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder. Check it out on YouTube.

•   2013 came MODELMONSTERMODEL – The Curse of Narcissus , a fashion-horror thriller with incredible costumes.

•   2014  brought a true classic: Shakespeare’s Macbeth – a huge success!!

•   2015  Into the Haystack, a dramatic investigation of surveillance in a suspiciously normal yet surreal society where the citizens have given up all rights to privacy

•   2016 A gothic horror tale, Sinner’s Circle – the Salem Witchcriers, based on the infamous Salem Witch Trials

•   2017  Till Someone Sneezes Re-visited. Our “Directors Cut” with a new cast and plot twists

Rebecca Fixemer, 22 yrs. (Winner of the Acting Student of the Year award 2017 at the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona):
“Growing up as a shy school girl in Berlin, joining BIYT helped shape the woman I am today. I found a safe and trusting environment in which I could come out of my shell and be free to play any role without fear; ranging from April Zytztz, a girl who ventures to unknown planets to save her own, to Lady Macbeth, my all-time favourite Shakespearean lady.
I spent six years with this group, forming friendships that will last a lifetime. Our original core group grew into an exciting and supportive ensemble, and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this journey.
 Today as I study to become an actress, and I cannot imagine having gotten to this point without the experiences I received from BIYT. For kids who want to venture into new and exciting worlds, build team skills and find lifelong friends, I say give this a try… Because these are the things that BIYT has given me.”

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