by Berlin International Youth Theatre

Loosely based on Samuel Beckett´s Waiting for Godot and inspired by the deep frustrations experienced in the time of the pandemic, BIYT presents an investigation into the perplexing questions that will just not go away.

You know the story, two friends wait endlessly for something. They try to do things right. They really do. But it´s just taking too darn long and soon trouble arrives offering a welcome distraction. We have all been there…



Play, Youth Theater
  • Sat, June 11, 2022 | 7pmMain Stage
  • with 1 additional performance until Jun 12th

Tickets 12 Euro / 7 Euro (Students)

Performed by Nico Bennhold, Armelle Bertrand, Amelia Clark Silva, Aro Hübner, Sofia Incorvaia, Yahli Yogev Levari, Maxim Mudryak, Greta Narciss, Talene Passens, Anouk Segebart, Sofia Shannon and Mark Sofin | Directed by Priscilla Bergey | Assistant Direction by Tess Koster | Lighting Design by Ralf Arndt | Music by Natalia Lincoln

A BIYT Production in collaboration with English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

Berlin International Youth Theatre