The 2018 summer show by Berlin International Youth Theatre (BIYT)

Tribalism divides communities – Elucidate – you have 45 minutes

With these words begins the lively myth of the Whooziwhatzits.

Given the assignment (by an absent teacher) to explain the statement the students begin to weave a tale that is both as familiar as it is absurd. And tragically true (well at least based on a true story).

An alternate version of history. A parable about the eternal battle of inheritance between two brothers and the fate of two tribes.

The classic tale. Since the beginning of time.

We begin our story in an average Berlin classroom. Which is divided by music allegiances as is usually the case. Although music should unite us, for them it’s a sign of their tribe, separating the cool from the silly.

And suddenly there is a Jinn, a slippery figure from the shadows, If it wasn’t for her, everyone would be living happily ever after. But as human nature has its light and dark side so does the Jinn. Mainly dark, though. And the darkness feeds the lies.

A cast of eleven talented young people bring this tale to life using physicality, body percussion and song.

Play, Youth Theater
  • Fri, June 29, 2018 | 7pmMain Stage
  • with 2 additional performances until Jul 1st

Tickets €12 / €6 (students)

Written and Performed by the 2018 Berlin International Youth Theatre Ensemble with Kimi Akkermans, Isak Albers, Edward Beglan, Victoria Danila, Daniel Fischer, Marina Martin, Ferdinand Michalski, Kushal Navaneeth, Shai Shem-Tov Netz, Yoko von Roy and Ben Wishart

Direction: Priscilla Bergey with Rachel Karafistan

Original Music and Body Percussion: Kuba Pierzchalski

Light Design: Katri Kuusimäki

Costume Design and Stage Management: Ruby Grosser

Technical Direction: Torsten Litschko