Berlin International Youth Theatre´s 2012 show

tss_show_image-webloosely based on The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder

The Skin of our Teeth, written in 1942, a time of strife for many people in the world, was meant to be a tribute to human endurance. In the original play, at the center is a family facing one apocalyptic catastrophe after another,

But in looking at the play through the eyes of an adolescent, the word “catastrophe” has different connotations.

How will the family survive when everyone is so preoccupied with pizza ? Does Playstation really help in times of panic? And why do the actors keep on interrupting the show? And what have they got against Guinea pig?

Although warned in the daily news of the coming Hurricane, epidemic or war, the family becomes caught up in their own personal problems making their chances of survival look – not very good.

BIYT-LOGOBIYT has turned this classic play into a dark comedy full of Simpson-like symbolism and created another one of their signature epics.

The play bounces and boings with the ingenious music of Natalia Lincoln and whimsical design of Silie Heeschen and a cast a talented youth ages 11-17 from 9 different countries. An event for the whole family – or not.

  • Fri, June 8, 2012 | 8pmMain Stage

with 2 additional performances until June 10, 2012

with Siri Blak, Manon Blendermann, Ina Bozhilova, Matilda Burdon, Martha Crowe, Anna Elisabeth Krumbein, Emily Weinreich, Léa Dudouet, Rebecca Fixemer, Marc auf der Heyde, Jakob Kuusimäki, Isaiah Michalski, Mara Stoner, Maya Wenzel, Logan Wenzel, Malwina Wisniewska

written and performed by Berlin International Youth Theatre

directed by Priscilla Bergey

Music: Natalia Lincoln

Design: Sillie Heeschen