Fourteen years ago, we had our very first Berlin International Youth Theatre production: Tale of the Rebel Waves told the adventures of a magical ship crewed by feisty pirate maids. This June, we will visit that place again to find out how it all began.

It all starts with the unexpected acquisition of an enchanted ship; two young women quickly assemble a motley crew and set off in search of a treasure as precious as it is deadly. This sparkling rainbow of talented young actors between the ages of 14 and 19 play a colorful collection of sailors, thieves, clerks, gamblers, nuns and monsters, some friendly and some not so much. With sea shanties, stunning costumes and terrifying effects, we are swept away to a never-never land where dark fears and bright hopes sail together in a sea of dreams. This is, of course, a place we remember from long ago, but this time it‘s not Peter Pan who‘s having all the fun.

On Sunday June 16, the audience is encouraged to dress up in their favorite pirate gear for a costume contest!

Youth Theater

With Aro Hübner, Clara Meinicke, Ever Marshed-Solouk, Frieda Hoch, Gerasymenko Yaroslava, Inez Köhler, Milana Piskunova, Nidal Bradlow, Selya Özer, Sofia Donnyle, Yvette Avierinos | Directed by Priscilla Bergey | Assistant Direction by Vasileia Louzi | Set Design and Puppet Design by Angharad Matthews and Clara Isenman | Music by Natalia Lincoln |Lights by Ralf Arndt | Photo by BIYT