Would you like a dynamic, new impulse to motivate your students in the classroom? Are you looking to bring creativity to your workplace and support team building? Or an exciting activity for your Wandertag? Then let us expand the horizons of your classroom or workplace with an interactive theater workshop, taught by native English-speaking facilitators Priscilla Bergey and Grace evangeline holme.

To book a workshop or request additional information, please contact Priscilla Bergey HERE

We offer four basic types of workshop -Shakespeare, Wandertag, Theme and Open:

NEW! Shakespeare Workshops

We are now offering a brand new selection of eight different workshops focusing on Shakespeare and his plays! If your class is in the process of studying a Shakespeare play, these workshops are designed to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of the text by exploring it actively through performance. For students who are completely new to Shakespeare, we also offer an introductory workshop on Shakespeare’s World.

1. Shakespeare’s World – Introductory Workshop
In this workshop, we offer an exciting and accessible first look at Shakespeare’s themes, context and language. Specifically designed for students who are new to Shakespeare, the workshop covers some of the main aspects of his work and its performance, such as iambic pentameter, gender, politics and social hierarchy.

2. Hamlet – Corruption and Conscience
In this workshop, we investigating the relationship between the corrupt state and the conscience of the individual. When do we speak out against an abuse of power? When do we stay silent?

3. Macbeth – Power and Betrayal
With this dark drama we explore the themes of ambition and greed versus honor and conscience, also investigating the underlying forces of the supernatural.

4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Love and Magic
Inspired by magical imagery and the humorous complications arising from mistaken identities, students will enjoy creating scenarios using snippets of text from this lighthearted love story.

5. Much Ado About Nothing – Comedy of the Sexes
In one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies, we discover a colorful array of characters and have fun improvising with some of Shakespeare’s most hilarious insults.

6. Romeo and Juliet – Forbidden Love
With the most famous love story of all time, we explore love, rivalry and revenge through physicalization and excerpts of original text.

7. The Taming of the Shrew – The Loud Mouth Woman
This workshop will explore the societal expectations of women in Elizabethan England, and the danger an opinionated woman posed to society – and perhaps still does?

8. Twelfth Night – Gender Bending
In this workshop we explore gender bending and buffoonery in Shakespeare’s most famous “transvestite” comedy, taking a closer look at the characters and their love-sick tomfoolery.

Wandertag Workshops

The main focus of these workshops is making students feel relaxed and comfortable in speaking English. Your class will enjoy fun and effective theater games, improvisations, scene work and storytelling. The students will benefit from participating in confidence boosting exercises and from creating their own original performances. Suitable for students with basic English skills, as well as advanced.

Theme Workshops

In our theme workshops we work closely with you, the teacher, in the planning, focusing on issues that can be made more engaging through theater games, role-play and improvisations.

There are 3 popular themes to choose from:

• The Individual in Society
• National and Cultural Identity
• Visions of the Future

Open Workshops

In addition to our student workshops, we also offer sessions for all kinds of groups. Whether it be for a corporate event, staff outing or international exchange project, fun icebreakers and improv games make these workshops an excellent way to support healthy group dynamics, improve communication skills and foster team building. The duration of these workshops may be 3-4 hours long depending on the needs of the group.