Teachers, would you like a dynamic, new impulse to motivate your students in the classroom? Or an exciting activity for your Wandertag? Then let us expand your classroom’s horizons with an interactive workshop. Here are several different types of workshops that we offer.

To book a workshop or request additional information, please contact Priscilla Bergey here

Wandertag Workshops

The students will benefit from:

  • Creating original work
  • Self-confidence boosting exercises
  • Guidance from a native English-speaking theater maker
  • Relaxed and fun atmosphere which removes barriers when speaking in another language.

These workshops are specially designed for English classes and conducted by one of our directors. Students will enjoy the fun theater games, improvisations, scene work, and storytelling. The workshops are suited for ages from 9 to 90.

Fee: 150€ per group / Duration: 2 hours including a 10-minute break / Location: English Theatre Berlin / Recommended group size: 12 – 22 (special arrangements for larger groups are possible )

Theme Workshops

In these workshops we will be focusing on a specific theme. Teachers can choose from anyone of the below .



Your choice of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Midsummer Night´s Dream or Much Ado about Nothing. In these workshops we review the plot and themes in the play and explore the complexity of the characters and their relationships. We improvise with small snippets of text and which helps to demystify some of the vocabulary.

The Individual in Society

National and Cultural Identity

Visions of the Future

In these  workshops we work closely with you, the teacher, in the planning of the exercises in order to cover specific aspects of one of these themes. Focusing on areas that can be made more engaging through theater games, role play and improvisations. These workshops are offered in several forms.

  • A 2 hour workshop at our theater
  • A 90-minute workshop at your school in your classroom or Aula.
  • A series of workshops over a period of time that would be specially designed to cover the subject in more depth.

Recommended Group Size: 10 – 22 (special arrangements for larger groups are possible) / Advanced English / For ages 14 and older / Costs for the workshop: 150 EUR per group / Location: In your classroom! Or if requested at English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center – Fidicinstrasse 40 (Berlin-Kreuzberg)

Workshops to plays

This workshop connects directly to a current production at English Theatre Berlin. Here we will explore the issues that are brought up in the play and delve into the characters in a playful way. This workshop also goes well with the Drama Combo (see description below) if desired. For example while using The Berlin Wall as a workshop theme during the run of our production of the play Dead Fred, we looked at what happened historically and emotionally. Using theater games and improvisation we took scenes from the actual script and built on them. We also improvised with material collected by the class from relatives and friends based on their own stories and impressions of the Wall.
With the focus on fun and using various theatrical techniques, students discovered a new way of learning English and history together.

Can be taken in combination with a class visit to the show. Students who take the workshop will get a reduction of 2 EUR on the regular student ticket price. Upon request there may be the opportunity after the show to meet the cast and writers for questions.

Drama Combo

Get a close-up look at theater productions and help your students advance their English-language skills. To prepare your class’s visit to a show at our theater, teachers will be supplied with the text of the play (quite often new works that have never been performed before).

Additional information concerning the genesis of the plays, the authors and their work as well as the actors and director will also be provided.

After the show: Meet the director and the actors! Students will benefit from talks with English native speakers: a situation that may well encourage them to actively employ their knowledge of the English language.

Workshop Instructor: Priscilla Bergey