Would you like a dynamic, new impulse to motivate your students in the classroom? Are you looking to bring creativity to your workplace and support team building? Or an exciting activity for your Wandertag? Then let us expand the horizons of your classroom or workplace with an interactive theater workshop, taught by native English-speaking facilitators.

Workshop facilitators: Grace Evangeline Holme, Minna Partanen, Brea Robertson and Priscilla Bergey

Please try to contact us at least one month in advance of your requested date so that we have time to successfully organise your workshop. Unfortunately last minute bookings are not always possible.

To book a workshop or if you have questions please contact workshops@etberlin.de

My advanced English course (Leistungskurs Englisch) and I took part in a workshop on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in October 2019. We had just started to read the play in class and my students were still a little bit intimidated by Shakespeare… We were so lucky to have Grace as the facilitator of this workshop. Right from the beginning, she knew exactly how to approach my students and how to get them interested and engaged in the activities… Almost without realizing, they learned about iambic pentameter, the main characters, the plot and the leitmotifs of this famous play.  I was amazed at the results. All of my students – the shy ones, the loud ones, the ones who excel at English as well as the ones having a hard time with Shakespeare – showed outstanding performances. I can only thank Grace for this inspiring experience!  —– Anita Wulf, Minden

We offer four basic types of workshops: Shakespeare, Wandertag, Theme and Open:

Shakespeare Workshops

We offer workshops on all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets! If your class is in the process of studying a particular work of Shakespeare, these workshops are designed to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of the text by exploring it actively through performance. For students who are completely new to Shakespeare, we also offer an Introduction to Shakespeare workshop.


  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • Hamlet
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Twelfth Night
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets

If your class is studying a Shakespeare play that is not listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to arrange workshops on any of Shakespeare’s works.

Wandertag Workshops

The main focus of these workshops is making students feel relaxed and comfortable in speaking English. Your class will enjoy fun and effective theater games, improvisations, scene work and storytelling. The students will benefit from participating in confidence boosting exercises and from creating their own original performances. Suitable for students with basic English skills, as well as advanced.

Theme Workshops

In our theme workshops we work closely with you, the teacher, in the planning, focusing on issues that can be made more engaging through theater games, role-play and improvisations.

There are several popular themes to choose from:

  • The Individual in Society
    Unpacking our social responsibility
  • National & Cultural Identity
    Understanding our sense of self in context
  • Nations Between Tradition & Change 
    Focusing on the USA and African American voices
  • Saving the Planet
    The climate crisis and us
  • Visions of the Future 
    Emerging technologies and playfully imagining our futures
  • The Impact of Media on Society
    Challenges of the present

Open Workshops

In addition to our student workshops, we also offer sessions for all kinds of groups. Whether it be for a corporate event, staff outing or international exchange project, fun icebreakers and improv games make these workshops an excellent way to support healthy group dynamics, improve communication skills and foster team building. The duration of these workshops may be 3-4 hours long depending on the needs of the group.