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The TUSCH concept is rooted in partnerships between Berlin theaters and schools through which theater-based projects are developed. The program is under the jurisdiction of the Berliner Senat für Bildung, Jugend und Sport and involves around 30 theaters and schools.

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  • since 2020 Our TUSCH partner school is the FREIE SEKUNDARSCHULE PEPPERMONT in Prenzlauer Berg.
  • 2016-19: CARL-BOSCH-OBERSCHULE in Hermsdorf.
  • 2013-15: PAULSEN-GYMNASIUM in Steglitz
  • 2010-13: HEINRICH-SCHLIEMANN-GYMNASIUM in Prenzlauer Berg. In 2012, the Tusch project contributed to English Theatre Berlin’s Science & Theatre project presenting a production called DESIGNER GENES, a multimedia piece about synthetic biology where Juliet met a genetically enhanced Romeo.
  • 2007-09: NELSON-MANDELA-Schule in Charlottenburg
  • 2006-07: SCHILLER-OBERSCHULE in Charlottenburg
  • 2004-05: SOPHIE-SCHOLL-OBERSCHULE in Schöneberg. ETB’s Artistic Director, Günther Grosser, and British actor, Tomas Spencer, teamed up with Kristina Tendel, teacher at the Sophie-Scholl-Oberschule, and 15 students of grade 12 to work on their version of Louis Sachar’s play HOLES.
  • 2002-04: English Theatre Berlin’s first TUSCH project, SOUTH AFRICA AWAKENINGS – From Tribal Beginnings to 2004, was developed during a two-year partnership with the MARTIN-BUBER-OBERSCHULE where our creative team, Jesta Phoenix (writer), Nicholas Grew (music composer) and Nooreen Shah-Preusser (director), developed a production based on the history of South Africa together with students and teachers from the school.