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Line-Up Announced for the 2020 Expo Festival (April 19 – 25)!

The curatorial team of the Expo Festival is very please to announce that the following works and artists have been invited to participate in the 2020 edition of the festival! Many thanks to all who applied – choosing eight works from over 130 submissions was quite a challenge!


ExpLoRE (Sunday, April 19)

Con-Sensual – An interdisciplinary performance by Derya Durmaz

The Horror Woman – A dance performance by GᾹZ Collective (Noga Abramobitch, Helen Burghardt, Zoe Goldstein)

I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body – An interdisciplinary performance by Marque-Lin, staged with B_No_Source [live]

Milktooth – A performance Promona Sengupta

Evening Performances (April 21 – 25)

The White Plague – A play by Alexander Raptotasios (Ferodo Bridges) – April 21

Mortality Hooray – A play by Artemis Chrysostomidou – April 23

I Am Not On The Blacklist – A dance performance by Hyoung-Min Kim and and Gabriel Galindez Cruz – April 24

Noose – A piece of puppet theater by Merlin Puppet Theatre – April 25



Photo by Marlena Skrabak

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