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I Gave Him An Orchid

I gave him an orchid. I said I’m sorry I was weird with you but I had a difficult childhood.

I Gave Him An Orchid is an exploration of heart break now and then: In 1885 Sarah Henley throws herself off Bristol Suspension Bridge. She lives. In 2014 Sarah talks about it and other things that push us over the edge. It is not about suicide, well it is a bit, but it’s mainly about love and what it makes us do.

Sarah Calver is a British performer, writer and director of theater, now based in Berlin.  She trained at Lecoq and The Central School of Speech and Drama. She has experience and interest in devised and collaborative theater, physical theatre, puppetry and new writing. She has created and performed with companies including Fevered Sleep, Offstage, The National Theatre, Blind Summit, Tangled Feet, Made in China, FanShen, GameShow, Moving Dust, Gecko, The Wooster Group, Fabulous Beast and Old Vic New Voices.  Her writing includes Twelve Miles From Nowhere (nominated for 2012 Writers Guild Award), Piswer (Pulse Festival 2013) and I Gave Him An Orchid.

Flight of the Escales is an international theater collective. Founded by Sarah Calver (UK) and Marie Filippi (France) to act as a platform to get together, exchange ideas, practices and skills and create new work for ourselves and for an international audience. We are interested in good non-cluttered story-telling; in the theatrical and visceral, the epic and the simplistic; in trusting the performer and the audience; in the collaboration and in the play.

New Work From New People

New Work From New People is an evening featuring work by writers, actors and directors who are new to English Theatre Berlin and our community that THE LAB presents every six months, in addition to its regular monthly programming.

The August edition includes excerpts from:

The Saint Factory by Lavinia Abbott

Banking: A Ghost Story by Kishore Chakraborty

Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer of a Poet by Mike Czuba

Das Traumkabarett by James Harris

Mundo Overloadus by Michael Lederer


Tip of the Iceberg: The Story of an American Obsession

by Liz Erber


A multi-media play, with an absurdist and darkly humorous look at modern life in the United States. Through text, movement, video and music we look into the lives of three individuals who are seemingly trapped by their own limited views of the world. One individual, WOMAN, is attempting to dream her way out.

Central to the characters’ lives is the story of iceberg lettuce – a story of modern American food (exported to the world), monoculture, marketing, modern economic colonialism and more.

Juxtaposed with this fictional story is the current reality of the actors’ lives in Berlin.