Shitting, farting, STDs, growing old, class shaming, language shaming…we all shame ourselves.

Shame connects and disconnects. Shame is collective, but isolates. Shame is private and political/public. Shame flows between me and others, past and future, childhood and adulthood. Shame is hiding, shame is control, social and individual control.

The play stages the stories of the actor and contemporary social and politic events.

With masks and puppets, drag and glitter, let’s all shame ourselves!

Followed by a post-performance discussion.

We are very pleased to present this initial public performance of a new work-in-progress by the team who brought Baba to the 2016 Expat Expo | Immigrant Invasion Festival!

Mask Theater, Puppet Theater
  • Thurs, November 24, 2016 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 8€

Created by Lola Fonsèque, Gabrielle Miller, Gildas Coustier (Manufaktor), Fredericke Miller (Manufaktor) and Larissa Gulitz | Directed by Lola Fonsèque | Featuring Gildas Coustier, Larissa Gulitz, Gabrielle Miller and Fredericke Miller | Masks : A collaboration between Gonzalo Barahona and Lola Fonsèque / Stage and Puppets by Lola Fonsèque / Costumes by Gabrielle Miller, Larissa Gulitz and Manufaktor