Monday, June 1 – New theater groups in berlin

Evening Performances


Tuesday, JUNE 2 – reflections on rituals

Evening Performances

Tues | 8pmMain Stage

Next Time

A performance by Minna Partanen

Tues | 9pmMain Stage

High Time

A surreal performance written and directed by Joseph Campbell


WEDNESday, JUNE 3 – immigrant imagination

Evening Performances

Wed | 8pmMain Stage

Didi’s Son

A musical puppet theater performance by Dirty Granny Tales Band


THURSday, JUNE 4 – absence makes the heart grow fonder? (political perspectives abroad)

Evening Performances

Thurs | 10:15pmMain Stage

Polar Opposites

A tragicomic mask theater adventure by TiltHAUS


FRIday, JUNE 5 – gender genuflections?

Evening Performances

Fri | 8:30pmMain Stage

So Far Away

A multimedia performance by Sally Dige

Fri | 10pmMain Stage


Performed by Sabrina Strehl, directed by Shlomo Lieberman, a Holzmarkt Production


SATURDAY, JUNE 6 – saturday love and laughs

Evening Performances

Sat | 10pmMain Stage


A play by Stephen Clark, produced by teamonfire productions


Sunday, JUNE 7 – expat markt

Expat Markt

Sun | 12pmMain Stage + Foyer + Courtyard

2015 Expat Markt

A Sunday marketplace cum performance installation featuring the goods and services of international visual artists, business owners and performers as well as a Marktbühne for musicians, dancers, jugglers, magicians and performers of all kinds!