MARS ONE: VENUS ZERO is a one-man show exploring the recent outbreak of “Meninism”, an ever-growing backlash against feminism and women’s rights.

The piece will follow our misguided protagonist, Mike, as he prepares his audition tape for the MARS ONE space program (designed to send four individuals to permanently live on Mars in the year 2024) while he ponders the state of the Earth today and his fear of the pending matriarchal takeover.

Using storytelling, music and projection MARS ONE; VENUS ZERO is a provocative piece of interactive theater using the absurd and ridiculous to highlight a real and ever present danger.

Gem Andrews

is an English writer, director and professional musician from Liverpool, UK and has been creating work across the UK since 2004. Gem also works within the participatory arts sector between Berlin and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK; facilitating music and writing workshops for young offenders and is particularly interested in creating theater work through the voices of society’s most disenfranchised, in particular the LGBTQ community and the British working classes.

Currently living and working in the Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts of Berlin, Gem’s ongoing projects include writing the score for Chicken Pox Fox’s upcoming play Betsey Ann and promoting her new critically acclaimed album of original songs, Vancouver.


Richard Gibb

Richard Gibb is a theater maker and storyteller from Aberdeen, Scotland and has been creating work in the UK since 2008. In Newcastle, England he was a part of several theater companies that created original and thought provoking work ranging from walkabout festival performances to immersive storytelling theater. In England, Richard also worked for 6 years in the participatory arts sector, using the context of theater to engage with a wide range of people, from children with disabilities, to adults struggling with homelessness.

Richard is most interested in creating work that is original, relevant and engages with the community in which it exists. He currently lives in Prenzlauer Berg and works all over Berlin.

  • Fri, June 5, 2015 | 9pmMain Stage

Gem Andrews and Richard Gibb are BREAKFAST SLAM THEATRE.