“Next time” is a phrase that we use to make ourselves feel better about another wasted opportunity.

Or a lukewarm consolation to somebody else suggesting that “it didn’t matter”? In her solo piece Next Time, theater artist Minna Partanen explores the nature of wasted opportunities. Partanen is interested in the space that lies between self-doubt, a fear of failure and anything that’s less depressing. The performance plays with reality and fiction, private and shared, laughter and pain. The dark Finnish self-deprecating humor shines through the piece. Performed in English and Finnish.

“At brunch next time, pass on the coffee cake and have an omelet. Maybe next time she’ll be dead.”

  • Tues, June 2, 2015 | 8pmMain Stage

Created and Performed by Minna Partanen | Directed by Joseph Wegmann | Production Design by Matthew Peach | Script Support by Steven Blum | Video by Alex Forge