Niyar – A Paper Tale is a puppet theater show made all out of paper.

In it, crumpled pieces of paper are brought to life. The artist embarks on a journey of creation, forming a poetic alternate reality. This world within a world is created by Maayan Iungman – without using a single word. Niyar presents the gap between the wish to create and the moment in which inner spirit takes the lead. The moment control is let loose, judgment is put aside – and creation happens.

Puppet Theater
  • Mon, June 1, 2015 | 8pmMain Stage

Directed and Performed by Maayan Iungman | Puppet Operator & Fellow Traveler Philipp Rückriem and Ariane Bothe | Original Music and Sound Design by Thomas Moked | Cello Performance by Illay Chester | Lighting Design by Anna Lienert | Technical Support by Nir Ladany | Mechanism Design by Tal Iungman Costume Design by Chantal Kirch | Construction Design by Nimrod Erez | Photo by Udo Jansen