In a world where everything is reversed, and objects come to life while the human beings are subservient to them, a writer becomes part of the story that he is writing.

He falls in love with the leading lady of his fairy tale, threatened by his own story creatures, and in the end redeems them and is himself redeemed. Dirty Granny Tales compose this bizarre dark tale, with all parts coming alive on stage. The musicians take on the role of narrator. Puppets and animation projections infuse the characters of the fairy tale with life. Intense lighting embraces and completes the dark aesthetic of the show.

Dirty Granny Tales’ performances consist of the combination of music, puppet theater, animation and dance. They bring to life atmospheric, otherworldly fairy tales using the symbolic languages of all these arts. Musicians with acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, bass, cello, piano, percussion and character voices, tell the stories while dance, puppets and animation mold the dark fairy tales of the Dirty Granny on stage.

Concert, Performance, Puppet Theater
  • Wed, June 3, 2015 | 8pmMain Stage

Created and performed by Dirty Granny Tales Band