artist and audience development

THE LAB is the artist and audience development series at English Theatre Berlin. Founded by Daniel Brunet in 2003, it offers Berlin-based writers and performers an opportunity to share their work-in-progress with an audience and receive feedback in the form of a post-performance discussion.

THE LAB accepts submissions of new plays and performance pieces year-round. The only formal requirements are that the work is primarily in English, the submitting artist is based in Berlin and that it has not previously been presented in public.

To submit your work, please send an email with your play or performance piece, a synopsis and character breakdown and your CV to

Former Labs:

New Work From New People: excerpts from plays by Lavinia Abbott, Kishore Chakraborty, Michael Lederer, Mike Czuba, James Harris | New Work From New People: excerpts from new plays by Jeremiah Bartram, Stuart Caldwell, Natassa Sideri and Kim YagedPortrait of an Unknown Man by Alexander Adams | Erase the Day We Met by Pauline Peyrade | Cinders by Neil Bristow | Double Bound  by Neil Bristow | The Art of Love by Kishore Chakraborty | Molly Eyre by Tamsin Walker | Eterna Sonrisa by Kim Yaged | Players and Puppets by Geoffrey Samuels | Clarity Fails by Melanie-Simone Schlender | One Way by Michael Müller | Minute Gains |  Tricks of the Trade | Voice from the Wilderness by Geoffrey Samuels | Dirtyland by Elise Hearst | Monkeyshines | Twisted by Alexander Adams | Quinn by Joy Cutler | The Year After Death | The Guardians by Chris Walshaw | Forgotten Children | The Sunshine Play by Peca Stefan | One Flew East by Michael Haeflinger | Healing From Practice by Brian Fennelly | Black-Eyed Susanna by Amy Stebbins | Raw Materials Assembled | Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes by Shane Anderson | Tragedy, a tragedy by Will Eno | Mercy Events | Glass House by Katalina Mustatea | Others Within by Alexander Thomas | Others Please Specify | 22 Faces of Sanity | The North Country by Talaya Delaney | Eden by Marina Shron | The Management by C J Hopkins | Going Supernova | Something There Is | Maneuvres by Helena Prince | O Glorious Gloom! by Priscilla Be and Nicholas Grew | Target Market | What Am I Doing in Berlin? by Oliver Ralli | Muse: Ich-Session 1 by Ron Amber Deloney | Seens(s) by Lydia Steier