artist and audience development

THE LAB is the artist and audience development series at ETB | IPAC. Founded by Daniel Brunet in 2003, it offers Berlin-based artists an opportunity to share their work-in-progress with an audience and receive feedback in the form of a post-performance discussion.

THE LAB accepts submissions of new work year-round. The only formal requirements are that the work is comprehensible to an English-speaking audience, the submitting artist is based in Berlin and that it has not previously been presented in public. If accepted, we can provide a brief rehearsal period in the auditorium as well as professional technical support.

To submit your work, please send an email describing your work, your collaborators and your CV to


Upcoming productions of The Lab

September 2021

Sat | 8pmMain Stage


A work-in-progress showing of the latest production by the Latin American-European collective ABA NAIA