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An Update (May 2020)

Following the directives of Berlin’s Senate, ETB | IPAC will not be offering any performances until after July 31, 2020. Keeping our audience, artists and staff safe is, of course, the highest priority.

We continue to adapt our planning to the recommendations and directives of the authorities and will keep you up-to-date here and via our social media channels.

The 2020 Expo Festival Is Postponed

Due to the ongoing situation, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Festival will follow the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute and postpone the 2020 Expo Festival. The health of audience members, artists and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We will announce the rescheduled dates here and via social media as soon as this information is available.

IMPRO 2020 Events March 17 – 21 Will NOT Take Place

The performances from March 17 – 21, 2020 for the IMPRO Festival at English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center will NOT take place due to the current situation in Berlin. The health of our audience, artists and staff is of central importance to us and we are following the recommendations of the health offices and Berlin’s Senator for Culture and Europe.

Here is the information we have received from the organizers of the IMPRO Festival, Die Gorillas:

Liebe Zuschauer,

leider haben wir nun doch auf Grund der neuen Empfehlungen des Berliner Kultursenats sowie der Bundesregierung die schwierige Entscheidung getroffen, unseren Spielbetrieb mit sofortiger Wirkung einzustellen und unser internationales Festival in der kommenden Woche ausfallen zu lassen. Wir werden morgen entscheiden, bis wann genau wir den Spielbetrieb einstellen und bitten bis dahin um etwas Geduld.

Alle bestehenden Festival-Reservierungen werden storniert. In dem Fall brauchen Sie nichts zu unternehmen.

Falls Sie Ihre Tickets bereits bezahlt hatten, bieten wir Ihnen dazu eine Erstattung an. Da uns die Einstellung des Spielbetriebs als unsubventioniertes Theater hart treffen wird, wären wir sehr dankbar, wenn Sie im Rahmen Ihrer Möglichkeiten in Betracht ziehen würden, ob Sie uns mit Ihrem Ticketkauf als Spende unterstützen und auf eine Erstattung verzichten können. Alternativ bieten wir auch an, dass Sie die gebuchten Karten auf einen Termin später im Jahr umbuchen können. Für Erstattungen senden Sie bitte Ihre Buchungsdetails und Ihre Bankverbindung an uns.

Wir bitten zudem um Verständnis, dass wir angesichts der Masse der Nachfragen nicht auf alle Anfragen umgehend reagieren können. Die Bearbeitung aller Anfragen wird etwas Zeit in Anspruch nehmen. Wir bemühen uns, sie schnellstmöglich zu beantworten.

Bleiben Sie gesund.

Ihre Gorillas


Dear audience members,

Based upon the recommendations of Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe as well as those of the German Federal Government, we have now made the difficult decision to cancel all of our performances as well as our international festival next week. We will decide tomorrow when we will resume performances and ask for your patience until then.

All existing reservations for the festival have been cancelled. If you have only reserved tickets, you do not have to take any further action.

If you have already purchased tickets, we will offer you reimbursement. As ceasing our performances as an unsubsidized theater has serious financial consequences for us, we would be very grateful if you could take a moment to consider whether it would be possible for you to view your ticket purchase as a donation to us and refrain from requesting reimbursement. Alternatively, we can also offer to exchange purchased tickets for tickets to an event later in the year. If you are requesting reimbursement, please provide us with your booking details and bank account information.

Please understand that, due to the volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond to all inquiries immediately. It will take us some time to able to answer everyone. We will try to do so as quickly as possible.

Stay healthy,

Die Gorillas

Get involved! – ETB | IPAC project about trees

ANNOUNCEMENT: interspecies performance project looking for 10-18 year old humans!

If trees could talk, what would they say?

Since January 2020, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center has been developing a brand new theater project open to everyone! We are now specifically looking for more performers to get involved between the ages of 10 and 18. 

YOU-ME-HUMAN-TREE is a performance project exploring the interconnections and overlaps between humans and trees. It is a FREE opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to be part of a creative process and performance and to work with a team of professional artists, including theater makers, musicians from Exploratorium Berlin and an eco-costume designer.

We are now looking for 10-18 year olds to take part in phase II of the project: REHEARSING AND PERFORMING (April – May 2020). This phase will take place via weekly Wednesday evening rehearsals, starting on April 1 and will also include a 4-day intensive during the Osterferien from April 14-17. Full attendance at rehearsals are crucial and the performance dates are May 7-10.

YOU-ME-HUMAN-TREE is a FREE opportunity that will give you the chance to:

  • Perform onstage in a professional theater
    Be part of an exciting ensemble of people of all different ages, experiences and backgrounds
    Develop your theater-making and performance skills
    Whether you have prior experience or not – all are welcome! If you have a basic knowledge of English, are committed and between the ages of 10-18, WE WANT YOU!

For more details and to secure your spot, please email Grace Evangeline Holme HERE

Line-Up Announced for the 2020 Expo Festival (April 19 – 25)!

The curatorial team of the Expo Festival is very please to announce that the following works and artists have been invited to participate in the 2020 edition of the festival! Many thanks to all who applied – choosing eight works from over 130 submissions was quite a challenge!


ExpLoRE (Sunday, April 19)

Con-Sensual – An interdisciplinary performance by Derya Durmaz

The Horror Woman – A dance performance by GᾹZ Collective (Noga Abramobitch, Helen Burghardt, Zoe Goldstein)

I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body – An interdisciplinary performance by Marque-Lin, staged with B_No_Source [live]

Milktooth – A performance Promona Sengupta

Evening Performances (April 21 – 25)

The White Plague – A play by Alexander Raptotasios (Ferodo Bridges) – April 21

Mortality Hooray – A play by Artemis Chrysostomidou – April 23

I Am Not On The Blacklist – A dance performance by Hyoung-Min Kim and and Gabriel Galindez Cruz – April 24

Noose – A piece of puppet theater by Merlin Puppet Theatre – April 25