After receiving nearly 200 submissions, the curatorial team is very pleased to invite the following productions to be part of the 10th Expo Festival from February 15 to February 29, 2024!


Four-Course Meal ~Hot Pot~ – A Performance by Chōri Collective

Best Funeral Ever (My Russian Funeral) – A Performance by Natasha Borenko

ExpLoRE: Cynthia – A One-Drag-King-One-Puppet-Play by Alexander Cameltoe & The Mannequins | Retina Maneuver – A Lecture-Performance by Ping-Hsiang Wang

Pleasure Incorporated – A Play by Jemima Foxtrot

ExpLoRE – Play Bow – A Dance Performance by Sami Giron Dance | Bypass Portal – A Dance Performance by Niki Yaghmaee

Girevik – An Object Theater Performance by Roman Škadra

ExpLoRE: Tricks for Gold (T4$) – A Performance by Frida G. Franceschini | No Home – A Mockumentary Performance by Yael Esther Mor

InnerVoice-dot-ru – A Documentary Dance Performance by Masha Sapizhak

Æffective Choreography – A Dance Performance by André Uerba

Good Night – A Multimedia Installation For Not Falling Asleep by PRAGMATA