What’s the meaning of leaving?

What’s the meaning of home? What’s the meaning of being a foreigner, an immigrant, an expat, an adventurer, exiled? What’s the meaning of never looking back, until one evening you are forced to do so?

Tonight, There Are No Stars In The Sky is a short play about two sisters who haven’t seen each other for seven years: Claire left, Marion stayed. One evening Marion shows up at Claire’s door step by surprise, and their encounter demolishes old patterns of thought, feeling, speech, movement, perspective, memories and of dreams.

Claire is a writer who left her country of origin after her book wasn’t published and after her sister Anna killed herself. Marion stayed, and dealt with her losses in silence until one day, she finds Claire’s manuscript in a box at her parents’ house. After reading it, she decides it’s time to confront their silences.

During fifty volatile minutes, this brief encounter between two sisters – who have made very different life choices – brings to the foreground ambivalent realities, leading the action to an honest confrontation of ideas about immigration, exile, lines, frontiers, spaces and how we choose to cross [or to inhabit] them.

  • Mon, May 30, 2016 | 8pmMain Stage

Written and directed by Laura Knoll (Brazil) | With Ann-Kathrin Czymoch (Germany) and Laura Knoll | Sound Design and Assistant Direction by Isabel Nogueira Batista (Brazil) | Stage Design by Nadja Eller (Germany) and Alina Laver (Germany) | Collaboration by Mac Lane Heckmann (USA)

In cooperation with Richmount Studio