When women get Gordas, they get thick, heavy, strong, penetrating, troubled and really powerful. Be Gordas!

Gordas is a performance that spins around what’s feminine. From its inception, it was aimed to address the issues of what it means to be a woman personally, socially and professionally.

We are actresses investigating passions, concepts, forms, deformities and intensities. So, what does being a female mean? And what does being an actress mean? In the answers we found different concepts: beautiful, skinny, docile, friendly, crazy, incomprehensible, unbalanced, passionate, erotic, etc.

We address three large chaotic groups as research materials: The chaos inside of ourselves (our personal history, our prejudices, our memories, our pains, etc.), the external chaos (social networks, media, the speed of information, movies, theater, music, dance, images, news, etc.) and the possibility of a chaotic relationship between these two large groups (how to articulate what we are with what happens in the outside world).

We step out of the ordinary, reaching beyond conventional patterns, making every day’s life a theatrical dramatization, an artifice, a metaphor of the battle we fight against the established order. In Gordas, all this information implodes in the body of the actresses and becomes performance. Everything that happens is a performance, everything around us is reality and everything we do is an interpretation.

  • Mon, May 30, 2016 | 9:30pmMain Stage

Directed and performed by Lucila Németh (Argentina) | With Clara Murgia (Argentina) and Agustina Montiel (Argentina) | Lighting Design and Assistant, Buenos Aries Agustin Vidal (Argentina) | Stage Assistant, Berlin Joaquin Macedo, (Argentina) | Set and Graphic Design Lucila Németh and Agustin Vidal