“Paradise is an island. So is hell.”

 (Judith Schalansky, The Atlas of Remote Islands)

Sail away, sail away, sail away…is there anyone who hasn’t been dreaming of that for the last year and a half? Landing on a tropical island far from everyday cares, the news and possibly the pandemic? Inspired by several islands far away and close by, known and unknown, real and metaphorical, a crew of international artists invite the audience to join them on a journey to islands all over the world, from the middle of the deep blue sea to the four walls of our own homes.

Islands have always and continued to serve as the focus of deeply contradictory imaginations fueling both utopian fantasies as well as colonial and imperial greed. The multimedia performance Islands invites audiences to walk the fine line between them.

In Islands, a diverse ensemble of artists come together to share their biographies, marked by migration and exploration and thus full of island stories, with each other as well as the audience.

After the successful coproduction of Stuck in Orbit (2019), Islands is the second cooperation of Post Theater with English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center. Post Theater is a media-theater company that fuses research with the biographic background of their changing casts. Post Theater has worked in more than 20 countries around the world, also including a number of island nations.

Following the world premiere of Islands in July of 2021, we are very pleased to be able to offer an additional six performances!


  • Thurs, August 11, 2022 | 8pmMain Stage
  • with 5 additional performances until Aug 20th

Tickets 16 € (10 € students)

Artistic Direction by Daniel Brunet and Max Schumacher | Directed by Daniel Brunet | Dramaturgy and Stage Design by Max Schumacher | Created and Performed by Daniel Brunet, Rafuska Marks, Valerie Renay, Alexander Schröder and Max Schumacher | Video Design and Media Art  by Hiroko Tanahashi and Yoann Trellu | Sound Design and Composition by Sibin Vassilev | Costume and Prop Design by Marion Reddmann | Lighting Design and Technical Direction by Torsten Litschko | Photography by Stefania Migliorati

Funded by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin to celebrate 30 years of ETB | IPAC