A Space Drama | A Science FACTion Tale

Valentina, a cosmonaut from Bulgaria and Fritz, an astronaut from West Germany, were launched into space thirty years ago at the height of the Cold War. Forgotten by their governments, they are now the sole inhabitants of a dysfunctional space station stuck on a decaying orbit around the planet Earth. Once the best and brightest their nations had to offer, they are now castaways sentenced to a decades-long struggle for physical and mental survival.

post theater has created a situation in which the politics and psychology of the 20th century’s former East and former West, pessimism and optimism, meet in the form of two juxtaposed characters. The fictitious international space station PACE becomes a battleground of philosophies and beliefs. The International Space Station’s principle of changing missions and staff has been applied by post theater to PACE. The container stays the same, but the content itself transforms. Stuck in Orbit features two separate missions.

The mission Leave for Good features Patrick Khatami and Mareile Metzner and is directed by Daniel Brunet.  The mission One Thousand Years features Christoph Schüchner and Mareile Metzner and is directed by Max Schumacher. These missions follow an earlier exploration of the space station PACE in a space drama called Satellites. post theater has recruited new performers and given them new challenges to work on.

Stuck in Orbit is post theater’s first collaboration with ETB | IPAC. It is their first experimentation with two parallel versions (missions) and two different directors, Daniel Brunet and Max Schumacher.

For many years, post theater has been working on post-documentary performances, blending intense research with fiction. Stuck in Orbit follows a series of reflections of Soviet era utopianism. The space race, at the height of the Cold War, was a combination of soft power diplomacy and military threat. Not too long ago, this felt nearly anachronistic. Currently, with raising nationalism and the emerging superpower China, this has gained a strange sense of contemporariness. Space has again become a battleground for geopolitical conflicts.

Premiere of Leave for Good: Friday, May 10, 2019 – 8:00 pm | Additional performances on May 11 and 12, 2019 – 8:00 pm

Premiere of One Thousand Years: Wednesday May 15, 2019 – 8:00 pm | Additional performances on May 16 and 17, 2019 – 8:00 pm

Both missions are performed in English and subtitled in German. | Post-performance discussions will be offered on May 11 and May 16.

Commander Special! Anyone wishing to attend both missions can purchase the second ticket for the special price of 7.50 EUR!

Multimedia Performance

Tickets 15 € (9 € students)

Artistic Directors: Max Schumacher, Hiroko Tanahashi | Theater Directors: Daniel Brunet, Max Schumacher | Performers: Mareile Metzner, Patrick Khatami (Leave for Good), Mareile Metzner, Christoph Schüchner (One Thousand Years) | Voice Actor: Tomas Spencer | Music and Sound Design: Sibin Vassliev | Stage Design: Venelin Shurelov, Max Schumacher | Media Art: Yoann Trellu, Venelin Shurelov | Costume Design: Elica Georgieva | Lighting Design: Fabian Bleisch, Elliot Bursch | Graphic Design: Hiroko Tanahashi | PR and Press Contact: Heike Diehm, k3berlin | Production Management: Mario Stumpfe, artkrise.

A production of post theater (Stuttgart/Berlin) in cooperation with SubHuman Theater (Sofia) and English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds as a Wiederaufnahme of Satellites.

The set, music and video work has been funded by LAFT BW / Ministry of Culture of the State of Baden-Württemberg and supported by the Goethe Institut Sofia, the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, the International Theater, the Varna Summer festival and Digital Arts Festival Sofia.