Berlin’s own Good Luck, Barbara! brings their special blend of long-form improvised comedy to ETB | IPAC!

A suggestion or two from you sparks 60 minutes of first rate tomfoolery – hilarious scenes interspersed with true-to-life monologues. Pretty much anything can happen, and it’s all made up before your very eyes by some of the best improvisers this city’s got to offer.

Formed in 2013, Good Luck, Barbara! is a long-form improv group that performs regularly across Berlin. With experienced players who each bring unique qualities to the table, GL,B! offers a fresh dynamic to the English language comedy scene in Berlin. The group is: Tess Degenstein (Canada), Andrew Reid (Canada), Chris Rock (USA), Josh Telson (USA) and Noah Telson (USA).

  • Mon, June 9, 2014 | 7pmMain Stage

Performed by Tess Degenstein, Andrew Reid, Chris Rock, Josh Telson and Noah Telson