Inspired by dreaming, fantastical lands, slideshows, hippies, stand-up comedy and the hope that together we can melt the hardness of reality.

A bridge/Abridged is a shared proposal to launch into the choreographic imagination-to squash our perceived limitations of a performing moment while remaining seated.

Maria Baroncea and Allison Peacock are both recent graduates of the UdK/HZT Berlin Solo/Dance/Authorship Master’s program. Baroncea was born in Bucharest and is currently based in Berlin. She is the manager of her own time, working on things that interest her in a mostly slow tempo. For the moment she owns the pseudonyms and the projects such as “The Bureau of Research and Manifestation of the Continuous Present, “Wear Text”, “Eio – One Hour Society”, A certain togetherness- tryouts to be synchronized.” Peacock is also based in Berlin, but originally from Toronto, Canada. Her performances, videos, installations and collaborative works have been shown in venues in Berlin, New York, Ottawa, Toronto and Whitehorse. Currently she is working on a series of self-published booklets of choreographic experiments.


  • Mon, June 9, 2014 | 6pmMain Stage

Created, choreographed and performed by Maria Baroncea and Allison Peacock