“Of course I´m not perfect. I love my life and I have been lucky but I’m not perfect. I made my mistakes. I just followed the voice inside me. This damned voice inside has driven me somewhere, and I can’t come back.” Bob about himself

“I want to be honest with you. The only present I can offer.

I chose the place and the time. I share my world with you.

You are allowed to see what you want, it´s your time” Bianca to you

Sometimes we need illusions to survive and we create a world that doesn’t correspond to reality.

We need to stay in a comfortable space. We are scared to leave. We have fear. We want security. We escape in our mental constructions and we finally find ourselves again.

Balancing on the two levels of reality and dream, the piece focuses on the theme of identity. Using psychological violence, an apparently stronger person tries to confirm herself and her existence destroying someone who appears weaker.


  • Mon, June 9, 2014 | 8:30pmMain Stage

With Daniela Lucato, Marc Philipps, DJ Mr Practitioner, Video Artist Geso, Light Victor Colmenero