Our lives and art are represented by the universal characters of archetypes (king, lover, fool, to name a few) and by the interplay of status.

Learn to access these archetypes through worksheets and exercises, and how to apply their attributes through improvisation. Discovering archetypical behavior can give you more creative options in everyday problem-solving and as a performer. Participate in storytelling exercises that reveal how status and character intertwine.

Brian Kapell is the Executive Director and Artistic Director of ComedySportz Berlin. He was also the co-founder and General Manager of Spirit Yoga Berlin. He began working in ComedySportz in 1985, and was instrumental in bringing the form to many cities, including CSz Washinton D.C., where he established the Laughing Lizard Lounge Comedy Club. He has 2 BA degrees from UW-Madison (Theater- Acting Specialist and Communicative Disorders) and an MFA (in Theater Management) from Cal. State University- Long Beach. He worked for many years in the medium of theater for the deaf, culminating in the production of the revival of Big River on Broadway, which was nominated for a Tony Award in 2003. He has been producing comedy improvisation in Berlin for 9 years, performing and teaching almost every week. His current projects are in bringing CSz to the Public School System, and offering ComedySpricht, which utilizes comedy improvisation as an English-language-learning platform.

  • Mon, June 9, 2014 | 10amStudio

Taught by Brian Kapell

Advance registration is required and space is limited! Please email expatexpoworkshops@etberlin.de to sign up for this workshop!