English Theater Berlin
International Performing Arts Center
The Full Irish
10 days of contemporary Irish theatre and Performance
May 9 – 18, 2013

Author - The Company

Brian Bennett, Jose Miguel Jimenez, Rob McDermott and Nyree Yergainharsian Known for a unique blend of precisely choreographed movement with fundamental questions about identity and modern society, The Company’s work has been awarded a major commission by the prestigious National Theatre of Ireland, The Abbey, and won the “Best Production” award at the 2010 Absolut Dublin Fringe Festival and the “Spirit of the Fringe Award” at the 2009 Absolut Fringe Festival. Critics have praised their innovative performances throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, and their international touring includes invitations to Portugal, Romania and most recently the first edition of RADAR L.A. theatre festival.Founded in 2008, The Company is formed entirely by multi-disciplinary performers. It is multi-national, multicultural and influenced by multiple art forms. Its desire is to renew the meaning of theatricality, creating work that is relevant to a contemporary audience.The Company has recently finished its first international tour with a major funding award from the Irish Government’s Imagine Ireland Program, a project of the government’s Culture Ireland Office. The Company are part of Project CATALYST, an initiative of Project Arts Centre, Dublin

From Dublin with love.

And we’re back home, in Dublin, in Ireland, away from Berlin but still very much thinking of it.

The trip for us was a wonderful experience. After a long tech session we rested up and the  next day, before the first showing of As you are now so once were we, apprehension was abound. How would the audience react to it? Would they like it? Would they hate it? Are we going to be booed of the stage or applauded for trying something new theatrically? Thankfully, it was the latter.

The two showings went down a treat. The audiences were welcoming and receptive. Enjoying the nuances and intellectuality behind the piece as well as the banal narrative which surfaces it’s complicated backbone. Now, at home, we’re left with mixed feelings; grateful and humbled by the reaction  and support from everyone at the theatre and everyone who came to see the shows, and although tired and in need of a little rest, saddened that we couldn’t stay longer. Such was our experience in Berlin.

From the extremely professional staff at the theatre, to the volunteers who very kindly gave up their time to help with the show, to the citizens of the city itself who helped us out whenever we were lost, it was a pleasure to be there.

To take a one of your works to be performed in another country is a great thing, but to have taken it to ETB and have the trip that we had, then it’s a great great great thing!

From us all here at The Company, to everyone we met, we say… wir lieben euch!


Long day’s journey into Berlin.

We got up at 4 AM on a lovely pre-dawn in Dublin, hopped in a taxi, picked each other up at our respective houses, talked to the driver about what television series we were watching (Breaking Bad), what television series he recommends (Dexter), and what television series we plan on watching (Revolution is very good according to him) and after half an hour through half-empty streets we arrived at the airport.

Dublin airport was very busy. The weekend just gone had been a bank-holiday and cues of people formed everywhere, all bustling to get on their respective flights. We gave a collected sigh at the very thought of checking in our one bag (full of costumes and material we need for the show) but persevered the long winding line of people and eventually checked it in.

In customs, the bag of our production manager Stephen was searched. All that technological equipment he’s carrying always arouses suspicion. The security guard who was conducting the search complemented his bag though, so there’s always a bright side. After the ordeal, we’re pretty sure they became friends. Our seats were located on the back of the plane. We were more than a little excited and boisterous about our trip. So much so in fact, that we’re pretty sure our excited laughter wasn’t appreciated by the passengers surrounding us. If they were coming to perform at the English Theatre Berlin, we’re sure they’d be the same.

The flight was delayed by twenty minutes. It took off. Up in the air we ordered food. Listened to our iPods. Watched movies on out laptops and before we knew it, we were landing in Berlin Schonefeld Airport.

The weather was humid which made a lovely change to the cold spring on Ireland. We picked dup our bag, went though passport control (myself and the security guard laughed at my passport photo taken years ago) and we boarded at train for the city.

By now it was around 11 o’clock in the morning and with the sun shining in through the window we all took turns having a little sleep on the train. Thank god we brought sunglasses.

After checking into our hotel we freshened up and walked down Meringdam, ate pizza and pasta in a restaurant along the way, took a left onto Fidicinstrasa and finally arrived at the English Theatre Berlin. It was three o’clock.

The theatre itself was looking amazing, all the boxes had been made and it was a bustle with everyone working. It’s always a nervous feeling when you bring a show to a different country but seeing that everything was running smoothly and all the material we use for the show was made to such a high standard it instantly put any worry we had aside. Although very tired (from the traveling and the enormous lunch) the excitement kicked back in and after trying out some of the choreography from the show on the stage, we all cannot wait to do our first performance on Thursday evening.

Saying goodbye to all the staff, we went around the corner and enjoyed our first german beer. Relaxing in the sun, we couldn’t help but fee a little guilty that the tech crew were back in the theatre doing a great job making sure everything will be ready for the tech day tomorrow. But when thoughts of Berlin theatre goers coming to see us perform floated back into our minds, the nervousness and excitement took over.

The show is very physical; so soon we’ll be sweating and rehearsing and adapting the show to the performance space here in the English Theatre, but for now, let’s relax. And rest.

We went back to the hotel, chatted, watched some TV and drank copious amounts of tea. By 10 o’clock we decided to go to bed and get as much rest as we can for tomorrow.

Lying in bed I could’t stop thinking the same thought, that it truly is lovely to be here in Berlin.


Brian & The Company