In the moment of improvisation, a special, almost magical presence of the body emerges. Anything seems possible, even identity breaks free of its fixed structures and bonds and allows itself to be reinvented every moment.

Using music and dance, all of the artists weave their own experiences and memories into a common whole that remains in constant motion. Thoughts and ideas flash up, are taken up by the group and develop into something else. In this way, new connections and possibilities are always created, the power of change is revealed.

Present Body 2 is a live improvisation with dance and music dedicated to the decolonization of bodies. It builds up the performance of Present Body, which was recorded in November 2020 as part of the MIMIMI Space project and presented digitally at HAU4. The new version now links the Black and white perspectives: dancers from Grupo Oito and MIMIMI Space enter into dialogue with each other. They bring in their experiences and the physical repertoire of the last productions, in which they worked on a new form of physicality and being from different perspectives, thus looking for what they have in common and what connects them. Understand the past, dance the present and dream the future in your own way!

Dance Performance
  • Wed, June 15, 2022 | 8pmMain Stage

Grupo Oito

Artistic Direction by Ricardo de Paula (Brazil) | Dancers: Ricardo de Paula, Natalie Riedelsheimer (Germany), Caroline Alves (Brazil), Miro Wallner (Brazil/Austria), Laura Alonso (Spain), Felix Dompreh (Ghana), Exocé Kasongo (France, Democratic Republic of the Congo), Ruben Nsue (Spain) and Nasheeka Nedsreal (USA) | Music and Cello by Eurico Ferreira Mathias (Brazil) | Installation and Costume Design by Andreina Vieira dos Santos (Brazil) | Produced by Grupo Oito | Photo by Tito Casal (Brazil/Spain)