Roland Satterwhite is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has lived in Berlin since 2008, when he moved from New York City.  Aside from playing violin and singing in the popular Berlin Balkan swing band Django Lassi, he continues to develop and experiment as a solo performer, as well as to collaborate in other projects.

In June 2013, at TEDx Hamburg, he performed a 15-minute solo improvisation using the violin and voice. At English Theatre Berlin, he will continue this exploration of free improvisation, but combine it with some original compositions as well as exploit the theatrical potential of a space like Berlin’s International Performing Arts Center.  Expect a one-man-show of sorts, with comic and abstract elements, but primarily musically/acoustically driven, drawing on his inspirations – among others, Andy Kaufman, Nina Simone, Led Zeppelin, Richard Pryor.  There is also a strong possibility of special guests from his long roster of talented collaborators.