Play Bow utilizes a blend of street and contemporary dance, an original electronics and strings composition, voice and costumes informed by Jung’s theory of the animal self to build a moving metaphor of canine play behavior.

We draw parallels between human and canine social roles and explore how they are revealed in human relationships – especially during courting rituals. At times, the piece is set in an electronic music club, where we celebrate, search for a lover and express social dominance / submission.

Ken Christianson (composer) and Sami Giron (choreographer) have been collaborating since 2005, when they met at California Institute
of the Arts while earning their Master’s degrees.

With very little spoken language (English)

Dance Performance
  • Fri, February 23, 2024 | 8pmStudio

Sami Giron Dance

Choreography by Sami Giron (USA) | Composed by Ken Christianson (USA) | Costume Design by Kaibrina Sky Buck (USA) | Performed by Francesa Fazi (Italy), Alessia Vinotto (Italy) and Sawako Ogo (Japan) | Photography by Svetlana Sokolova (Ukraine)