… is that day in your life when you see it…

the time slips away…

and all you live is not what you have wished

is the moment when your whole world is shattered

that very moment when your dreams come back asking for all you promised

when you feel it…

the noose is moving up…further and further…it is tightening around your throat…stealing your air…stealing your breath

…because until then you thought you were alive.

A surrealistic performance somewhere in between black comedy and the theater of the absurd. With the use of tabletop puppets and cinematic narration, the puppeteers animate the puppets without being visible to the audience.

Puppet Theater
  • Thurs, October 29, 2020 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 15 € (9 € students) | Solidarity Ticket (The Absent Neighbor) 30 €

Concept by Merlin Puppet Theatre [Dimitris Stamou (Greece) and Demy Papada (Greece)] | Directed by Dimitris Stamou | Puppeteering by Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada |
Costume, Puppet, Lighting and Stage Design by Merlin Puppet Theatre | Introductory Text by Hronis Missios (Greece)