When a mysterious and fiercely contagious virus starts spreading among a major city’s population, causing all infected victims to lose their sight, the government takes emergency action and isolates those affected in unprepared quarantine facilities.

As the consequences of the epidemic are revealed, citizens are driven to expose the very brightest and darkest aspects of their human nature.

Following the stories of five strangers who meet in a quarantine facility, the play uses a dystopian starting point to explore social coherence, gender roles and the survival instincts of a society in crisis. The White Plague is an immersive new play by Alexander Raptotasios that invites the audience to experience a city beset by an epidemic of blindness using every sense but sight.

Immersive Theater
  • Wed, September 30 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 15 € (9 € students)

A Ferodo Bridges CIC Production | Written and Directed by Alexander Raptotasios (Greece) | Dramaturgy by Or Benezra-Segal (Israel) | Associate Directed by Esther Fernández (Spain) | Associate Directed and Performed by Vicky Kyriakoulakou (Greece) | Performed by Alexander Kiffin (England), Samuel Mattioli (Italy), Gil Sutherland (Scotland) and Lilian Tsang (Hong Kong) | Prop and Costume Design by Marie-Cecile Inglesi (Greece) | Stage Managed by Anuska Zaremba-Pike (England/ Poland) | Photo by Nir Segal (Israel)

The White Plague has been developed with the kind support of Arts Council England and Unity Theatre Trust, BIOS – Athens and Greenwich Theatre.