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Nickolas Butler reads from his novel The Hearts of Men (Die Herzen der Männer, Klett-Cotta, 2018)

Camp Chippewa, 1962. Nelson Doughty, age thirteen, social outcast and overachiever, is the Bugler, sounding the reveille proudly each morning. Yet this particular summer marks the beginning of an uncertain and tenuous friendship with a popular boy named Jonathan.

Over the years, Nelson, irrevocably scarred from the Vietnam War, becomes Scoutmaster of Camp Chippewa, while Jonathan marries, divorces, and turns his father’s business into a highly profitable company. And when something unthinkable happens at a camp get-together with Nelson as Scoutmaster and Jonathan’s teenage grandson and daughter-in-law as campers, the aftermath demonstrates the depths—and the limits—of Nelson’s selflessness and bravery.

Nickolas Butler is the author of the novel Shotgun Lovesongs and a collection of short stories entitled Beneath the Bonfire.
Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, he was educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop. His work has appeared in Ploughshares, The Christian Science Monitor, The Kenyon Review Online, Narrative, The Progressive, and many other publications. Along the way he has worked as: a meatpacker, a Burger King maintenance man, a liquor store clerk, a coffee roaster, an office manager, an author escort, an inn-keeper (twice), and several other odd vocations. He received numerous prizes and awards for his work.



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Moderated by Günter Keil

aus der deutschen Übersetzung liest Manuel Harder (Deutsches Theater)

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Nickolas Butler liest aus seinem Roman "Die Herzen der Männer"

Die Herzen der Männer (erscheint im Klett-Cotta-Verlag im Februar 2018)

Über eine Zeitspanne von drei Generation und ebenso vielen Kriegen erkundet dieser Roman die Herzen der Männer: ihre Schwächen und Geheimnisse, ihre Bedürfnisse und Werte. Damit legt Nickolas Butler nach „Shotgun Lovesongs“ ein vielschichtiges und sensibles Epos über die Verletzungen, die Männer einander und anderen zufügen, vor.

Nickolas Butler, geboren in Pennsylvania, lebt mit seiner Frau und seinen zwei Kindern in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Er ist Absolvent der University of Wisconsin und des berühmten Iowa Writer’s Workshop.