Every Body, a dance performance in experiential anatomy: We all possess a body but for most of us it is not so often that we think about the contents, structure, function, or anatomy of this body (not at least, until something goes wrong or something stops functioning properly…we are not going to go there.) In this performance we bring attention to the body each of us is inhabiting, and invite every body to tune in to the experience of their body. It is a performance of connecting anatomies expressed through dance, sound and words.

Liz Erber is an interdisciplinary artist, performer and teacher who has been creating original works for stage, video and site-specific locations for the past decade. Liz, originally from the USA, has lived in Berlin since 2008. She teaches regularly at K77 Studio in Berlin, as well as at international locations and festivals around Europe and beyond. One of Liz’s primary focuses is embodiment, which she shares with performers and non-performers alike. One of her most recent stage works, a multi-media play, Tip of the Iceberg, was featured in English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center’s development series, THE LAB. Andrew and Liz have performed together regularly over the past several years in various locations around Berlin, including ETB |IPAC, Sophiensaele, Tanzfabrik, ada Studio and more.  In August last year she was a featured artist/film maker for the online film festival, Dances Made to Order. In addition to the performing arts, Liz has also worked in the fields of publishing, writing and translation, and holds Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, dance and theater.

Andrew Wass began dancing in college, replacing the chem lab with the dance studio. He has had the opportunity to perform in work by Scott Wells, Jess Curtis, Nina Martin, Shelley Senter and Mary Overlie. His dance films have been shown in film festivals in LA, Minneapolis, Rio de Janeiro, Houston, Berlin and San Francisco. His performance work has been shown in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Marfa, Tijuana and New York. In the fall of 2007, he was an artist in residence at Djerassi. He also received the Jack Loftis and Vibeke Strand, MD honorary Fellowship and an Izzy nomination for music/soundscore/text in 2007. Influential to his work has been a sentence by Keith Johnstone, “Content lies in the structure…” (Impro page 110).

  • Mon, June 9, 2014 | 6:30pmMain Stage

Created and performed by Liz Erber and Andrew Wass