This format and is dedicated to newcomers, shorter performances and work-in-progress. This year, we are offering four performances over two evenings.

I AM EVERYBODY, I AM EVERY BODY | Performance (8:00 pm)

Written, Directed and Performed by Marque-Lin (USA) | Sound, Video and Stage Design by B_No_Source [live] (Germany) | Choreography by Ly Nguyen (Germany/Vietnam) | Costume Design by Jessika Strauck (USA/Germany/Paraguay)

I Am Everybody, I Am Every Body is an experimental performance and audio-visual piece that traces a fractured semiautobiography of MARQUE-Lin as a daughter of Vietnamese refugees. Using extractions from her life as footage and material, B_No_Source [live] will modulate and rearrange MARQUE-Lin’s voice live on stage, transforming her into <s*he> – a nation- less AI-produced female entity that has decided to finally investigate the systems and networks that have created her in search of her point of origin and subsequently her purpose in living an existence of such ambiguity and suffering.

Questions of nationhood, inter-generational inheritance, historical and personal trauma skip and glitch as <s*he> questions the pervasive sense of unrest and constant malfunctions happening in her body. Something is calling her from the edge of her self-understanding. From within the black box—a space where unknown codes and hidden layers categorize and determine – her identity emerges. Where does <s*he> begin? Which systems are complicit in the creation of immigrational identity? How much of our digital networks represent our own hidden prejudices? Is there an escape? PRESS START.

DDS! Discipline, Dominance, Submission | Interdisciplinary Performance (9:00 pm)

Direction and Dramaturgy by Derya Durmaz (Turkey/Germany) | Audiovisual Direction by Özlem Sariyildiz (Turkey/Germany) Performered by Derya Durmaz & Michael(a) Daoud (Syria/Germany) | Assistant Direction by Bora Yediel (Turkey/Germany) | Graphic Artwork by Turgut Kocaman (Turkey/Germany)

Pain and pleasure. Giving in and giving up. Playing and roleplaying. Do you play your part? Did you write your part? Or were you given your part? Was it consensual? Or were you conned? Was it at least sensual? Is it time to come to your senses? Maybe then you can finally make sense of it all…

DDS! Discipline, Dominance, Submission is an interdisciplinary performance project that takes a close and intimate look at how much of an understanding we really have of our (chosen or given) gender roles and the parts we play.




  • Sun, October 3, 2021 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 10 €

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Please note that flashing lights, a hazer and strobes are used in I AM EVERYBODY, I AM EVERY BODY. The production is recommended for ages 16 and up and contains content dealing with death, strong language, war, violence and self harm.