A Panel Discussion and Reading

Our society is a postmigrant society. It has changed again and again due to countless waves of migration, has become richer and more diverse as a result and is shaped by the coexistence of lots of languages and language regions that mutually influence each other.

How is this situation reflected in today’s theater? The German theater is the child of nationalism. But for a while now, the narrative of the national theater is being rewritten. Are multilingual productions a possible answer to our postnational social reality? For what purpose are multiple languages used and what effect do they have? How are multilingual plays written? And how are they translated?

At our evening event, we will talk to theater-makers who are creating new and groundbreaking models of multilingualism for the stage, and read from multilingual plays. In the workshop we will talk to writers and translators working in multiple languages, analyze linguistic aspects of the topic and discuss the texts with the selected participants.

We are very pleased to partner with Drama Panorama to host this event. Please click HERE to read the complete event information on their website.

Panel Discussion
  • Mon, October 4, 2021 | 8pmMain Stage

Free Admission

(Seating is limited, please reserve a seat via the ticket link)

This event takes place in German and English with simultaneous interpretation into the respective other language.

Is the new reality of the stage multilingual?
A panel discussion with Sophie Diesselhorst, Georgia Doll, William Gregory, Yael Ronen (in German with interpreting)
Moderated by Barbora Schnelle and Henning Bochert
Selected excerpts from multilingual texts
Readings by Noureddine Chamari, Ariella Hirshfeld, Ariel Nil Levy
Staging by Eberhard Köhler