All the clubs were closed and the structures that protected us had vanished. ANALI GOLDBERG, the most celebrated divine techno goddess in Berlin’s club scene was out of work and had to wear a mask.

With so much free time on her hands, ANALI GOLDBERG decided to start a new QUEER NARRATIVE REVOLUTION (since the old one sucked)!!!

As part of a new trilogy, WHERE ARE THE ANIMALS is an outrageous musical evening of queer oral history. Using highly original and creative storytelling, ANALI GOLDBERG blurs the line between fictitious genealogy and autobiographical comedy.

Join the infamous ANALI GOLDBERG and her entourage to feel closer to yourself!


In cooperation with the ID Festival and made possible through funds from Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg


  • Sat, October 9, 2021 | 8pmMain Stage

Tickets 15€ (10€ students)

Our online ticket provider charges an additional 1.50 € advance ticket fee per ticket plus a 2 € service fee per order

Concept, Text and Performance by Ariel Nil Levy aka ANALI GOLDBERG |  Original Music by Kiki Moorse & Romain Frequency, Dean Michelson aka Deanamik and Tom Schwartz | VJ & Video Editing by Dalia Castel | Camera Work by Matthew Thorne | Costume Design and Teaser Trailer by Fábio M Silva | Production Management by Boaz Foster | Lighting Design by Tom Schwartz | Choreography by Norbert Pape | Photography by Roni Lugassi