A theatrical collage of escape and exile

The soundscapes of the city fade away as we are drawn to a wooden box roaming around. The journey was long, lasting days, through unknown lands. It searches for a place to arrive. Speechless, they emerge. Where are they? Exile is the name of their destination. Asylum is their hope. They tell tales from their escape and arrival, dreams and fears and how they start their lives anew.

For this project, TheatreFragile worked with refugees and supporters in Germany gathering their stories,
thoughts and inner struggles to create a piece that offers a different insight to this topic far from the current heated debate.

TheatreFragile’s productions intertwine dramatic and fine arts with documentary theater through a combination of mask performance, walk-through art installations, documentary research and fictional narrative.

The international Berlin-based company seeks a new vocabulary that can unite the magic of mask play with the direct audience contact of street theater. They are fascinated by the various levels of play between distance and proximity, everyday life and the poetic universe of theater. A playfulness with the audience and an invitation to come closer to see and listen to the installation give the performers opportunities to share and interact with individuals as well as the group at large. The audience goes from being passive onlookers to active visitors and even participants in the installation.

Mask Theater, Performance
  • Thurs, June 2, 2016 | 9:30pmMain Stage

Directed by Luzie Ackers (Germany) and Marianne Cornil (France) | With Marianne Cornil, Nicole Ratjen (Canada), Maamoun Alhassoun (Syria), Shervan Hosein (Syria), Emmanuel Jerome (Sudan), Muhammad Muhammad (Syria), Ahmad Qnayeh (Syria) | Masks by Luzie Ackers | Sound Design by Marianne Cornil | Set and Lighting Design by Werner Wallner (Austria) | Installations by Janna Schaar (Germany) | Music by Janko Hanushewsky (Austria) and Eva Pöppelein (Germany) | Costumes by Manon Gignoux (France) | Video by Anna-Maria Schneider (Germany) | Media Technology by Florian Mönks (Germany) | Mask Theater Coaching by Dana Schmidt (Germany) | Production by Henrike Beran (Germany)