documentary theater

We Just Moved You is a new documentary play about moving in Berlin – from WG Zimmer to WG Zimmer, from relationship to relationship, from studying to working (maybe), from job to job (if you can get your hands on one) – and the families-by-choice we cobble together to help us get through it all.

Documentary Theater

Alissa Rubinstein & Sylvia Avery

Writer and Producer: Alissa Rubinstein (USA) | Direction: Sylvia Avery (New Zealand) | Assistant Direction: Shaleah Dawnyel (USA) | Dramaturgy and Movement Direction: Dineke Rieske (Netherlands) | Production Design: Marcella Gersh (USA/Germany) | Original Music and Sound Design: Andrew Fox (USA) | Stage Manager: Fiona Wiedmann (Germany/UK) | Performance: Steve Greenfield (Hong Kong/UK), Carolin Kipka (Germany), Rose Warner Miles (USA), Joseph Raisi-Varzaneh (UK), Yael Rozanes (Israel) and Lydia Shoup (USA)