Fantasy and memory are combined in the attempt to define one’s own identity, or, more fittingly, the attempt to create it…

This performance uses music, text, movement and visuals to externalize the most inner, the most intimate, the so-called “immigrants of identity”. The audience is taken on a journey through the jagged paths and landscapes between physical and psychic diaspora.

The contradiction and abstraction created when one listens a little bit to everything without actually really listening to anything is made palpable, dreamy, oniric landscapes are created where the alienation extends to space, time, material, body and psyche.

  • Thurs, April 26, 2018 | 7pmMain Stage

Rosalie Wanka

Idea, Artistic Direction and Choreography: Rosalie Wanka (Germany/Austria) | Concept: Rosalie Wanka, Paola Evelina | Live Cello, Arrangements, Soundscape: Ana Topalovic (Serbia) | Photography, Lighting Design, Stage Design, Direction of Visuals and Graphic Design: Paola Evelina (Italy/Argentina) | Visuals: Giorgio Cordeschi (Italy)