The world is in crisis and people are more divided than ever.

Immigration, migration and a refugee crisis has sparked both empathy and fear across Europe, as well as media frenzy.

A weary traveler approaches a wall and hears the voice of a woman. Tentatively at first, he finds a renewed optimism in this encounter. Their relationship develops, but why does the divide between them seem to widen? There is a looming violence that endangers her, and threatens to emasculate him. Will they overcome this? They are confronted by their own view of the unknown and whether they have agency for change.

There are walls being put up and walls all around us. There are walls long established, which seem to be getting wider, taller and stronger. Even in the most intimate relationships, there’s a barrier. This Wall questions representation, preconceptions and the power we have to do something about the situations around us. How much can either of them really know each other? And crucially, will he and can he help her?

  • Fri, June 3, 2016 | 8pmMain Stage

A performance written by Natassa DeParis (France/Indonesia) | Directed by Anna Crace (England) | With Marie Rabe (Sweden) and James Tweedy (England) | Music by Tom Rogerson (England)