Shadows-Web PicEarliest memory … earliest memory … let’s see … Fear … naturally.

The Man of Shadows is a darkly humorous play that tells the story of Val Arkam jr, a faded Hollywood horror star, and his encounter with young Laura Starling, a talented journalist and daughter of the film critic that originally named him “The Man of Shadows”. It was the name that launched a dramatic career as dark, gothic and outright frightening off-screen as on. – In a last bid for fame and validation Arkam conjures a lost world of old Hollywood horror, and Laura finally confronts “the old darkness” she lost her farther to long ago. And in the end, of course, a terrible secret is revealed that will change Laura’s life forever…

“Where be Death this midsummer’s day?
Why he sits in the house where the shadow men play.”

Anon – Sonnets for the Cradle (London, c.1765)

For centuries the Shadow Men and their travelling theatre have been feared as much as they have been welcomed. It was believed that Death himself was their patron, so enchanted was he with their playing. Yet those brave few who found the courage to attend the most bloodcurdling tales of terror ever performed were said to live long and charmed lives thereafter.

Darren Robert Smith
Born in England, Smith has been on stage since age five. He was trained at the Drama Centre London, where he was sponsored by Sir Anthony Hopkins, and has appeared on stages all over Europe.

Guenther Primig
born in Austria, Primig immigrated to California, and, from there, to Berlin. Writes film scripts, short stories and plays. His most recent work appeared in the Shirley Jackson Award nominated anthology Shades Of Darkness.

The Theatre Of Shadows
founded in 2010, is dedicated to producing original plays of the macabre and new stagings of classic tales of horror.What better way to celebrate the haunted season of Halloween than with this new production of their successful “The Man Of Shadows,” newly expanded and presented in preparation for its 2012 London premiere.


Performance, Play
  • Wed, June 22, 2011 | 8pmStudio

with fourteen additional performances until Oct 30, 2011

performed by Darren Robert Smith and Sabrina Ellenberger (1st season) / Ciara Goss (2nd season)

written by Guenther Primig

directed by Darren Robert Smith

produced by Theatre of Shadows