by Stephen Don

“The family that has no skeleton in a cupboard has buried it instead.”

A small village in rural Ireland: the local Public House is a resting place for men and women from the surrounding communities, and the local barman is considered a sort of modern day Ganesha, a knower of all that is important to the lost and a lover of every man and woman who is willing to spend their well-earned wages on a pint of stout. But fact is much stranger than fiction, and your best friend can sometimes become your worst enemy in the blink of of an eye…



  • Wed, March 17, 2010 | 8pmStudio

with 3 additional performances until March 21, 2010

with Stephen P. Hanna, Anna Tkach, Paul Salamone, David Masterson, Kevin McKinnon, Alan Glen

directed by S. D. Clifford

produced by The River productions (Berlin)