based on the play by Charles L. Mee

“This is where we live, in the lush, disorderly fullness of the flesh.”

ETB_Salome_WebSalome, the woman who asked for the head of John the Baptist, is set in a modern world of sexual transgression and murder. Three women encompass  different archetypes that offer insight into Salome´s complex corridors of desire, sexuality, femininity and violence. They unveil a collection ofg paradoxes that provides no definitions.

Like Mee´s Salome which also used excerpts from feminist theorists and writers, text and thoughts and images have been included from Catherine Millet, Camille Paglia, Julia Kristeva, Simone de Beauvoir, Nancy Sinatra, Florence Anthony, Evard Munch, Aubrey Beardsley, and Oscar Wilde.

Photo: Uwe Lauterkorn
  • Tues, September 12, 2006 | 8pmMain Stage

with six more performances until October 13, 2006

with Priscilla Be, Marianne Graffam and Lisa Marie Beck

Adapted and directed by Sarah Lewis

Set design by Tomas Fitzpatrick

Lighting and sound by Ralf Arndt