A theatrical performance about our communication, identity and life in cyberspace

with students from the Leibnizschule, Kreuzberg

Who am I on Facebook, Schüler-VZ , Twitter & Co?

The play deals with questions like: Am I still me in cyberspace? Are my friends my real friends? What happens to our communication, our identity, our time in virtual reality?

What are the differences between my life in cyberspace and in my own reality? How does cyber-communication influence my life, my time, my friendships, my relationships?

Is it a new FREEDOM or is it a threat?

Never alone anymore? Never bored anymore? Always connected? What about stalking, controlling other people or have you been stalked/controlled/followed by someone you know or don’t know?

What happens if you are mad at someone? What happens if that gets slightly out of hand? One wallpost might be the beginning of something incontrollable… oops – and before you know it: you are cyberbullying someone.

A play about the glories (spreading and sharing good news, connecting across the planet, staying in touch) and the dangers of it (like cyberbullying, loss of identity, addiction)


  • Mon, November 1, 2010 | 8pmStudio

with two additional performances until Nov 3, 2010 plus numerous performances in several Berlin schools

Directed by Inka-Charlotte Palm and Sabrina Ellenberger

Monologues written by Ashley Brandt

supported by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung