“CARPE DIEM” is the fascinating essence of improvisation. It’s the latin expression for “SEIZE THE DAY”.

In this workshop we’ll play several games that will introduce you into the mood of improvisation.

Here is a short list of improv principles we’ll experience:

  • PLAY! Enjoy the moment.
  • TRUST. Trust yourself. Trust your partner. Trust your intuition. Trust the moment.
  • LISTEN with every part of your being: LISTENING is the WILLINGNESS to CHANGE.
  • SAY “YES”. Accept offers.
  • SAY “AND”. Bring a brick to the scene instead of a whole cathedral. Build together.
  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Experience your senses.
  • MAKE YOUR PARTNER LOOK GOOD! And both of you will look wonderful.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Less is more.
  • DARE. TAKE RISKS. Allow yourself to explore beyond your comfort zone.
  • FAILING is the only way to learn. Have a good attitude towards it.
  • RELAX and HAVE FUN !!!

Improvisation is interdisciplinary. It can open up new visions in creative experiences as well as in business and personal relationships.

Tune your senses, power your intuition and let the adventure begin!

The IMPROPRIATE team has been working together since 2012.

Robert Rodgers is a performer, stand-up comedian, acrobat, director, writer, clown. He had the privilege of attending Keith Johnston’s Improv classes. He has performed and toured with Cirque de Soleil. He is a long form improv performer specialized in the style of Tennessee Williams, Shakespeare, Film Noir with Scratch Theater, Four on the Floor, San Francisco. He teaches and directs in Germany, Amsterdam, and in Paris. You can find more info at his personal page: www.portmantoe.com

Javier Avila learned improv by doing performing weekly shows with Comedysportz Berlin and Impronauts. He recently began doing improv in German as well. He regularly offers improv workshops in Berlin. Javier’s philosophy: If you put passion and creative thinking on top of an analytical mind, the sky’s the limit. Learning step by step is his specialty. His approach is very systematic; isolating the different skills for training purposes and putting them together afterwards.

Michela Bellino bumped into improv theater in 2007 and it was love at first sight. Besides improv theater in any forms, she has attended classes on acting, playback theater, psychodrama, commedia dell’arte, clown, expressive reading, play reading, playwriting, screenwriting, comedy writing, storytelling, burlesque, voice technique, dubbing, singing in Italian, France, Spain and Germany. She is author of several short movies and documentaries. Michelle regularly offers workshops in improv, storytelling and voice lab in Berlin.

  • Fri, June 13, 2014 | 2pmStudio

Taught by Impropriate: Rob Rodgers, Javier Avila and Michela Bellino

Advance registration is required and space is limited! Please email expatexpoworkshops@etberlin.de to sign up for this workshop!