Better late than never? Ian Late’s truly timeless sounds, melodies and lyrics offer a straightforward, honest and fragile peek into this gifted singer-songwriter’s mind. Stripped down to the core and quietly powerful, his personal and melancholic creations sneak past our defenses and straight to the heart.

With the release of his debut EP in 2012 and the collaboration with Mercedes-Benz as a featured artist, Ian earned his first experiences in Europe. A highlight was his journey to and series of concerts in Asia, which was truly inspiring and exciting. In fall of 2013, Ian and his band returned to the legendary Funkhaus Berlin to record their new EP II. It represents a more grown-up artist, songwriting and sound. The photos were shot by Ian himself during a road trip in California. II was released on his own label, just like the first record, in May 2014.

In late September 2014, the “Hey Girl” remix EP was published – a collaboration between Ian and the well-known German DJ Pretty Pink. It reached the top 10 of the German dance charts and has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled for the indie pop version of “Hey Girl”…

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Mya Audrey has been fascinated by the piano since a very early point in her life. Her music has been compared to the gentle and jazzy Norah Jones as well as the lyrical Fiona Apple or even pop singer Missy Higgins. Mya’s songwriting reminds one of Sarah McLachlan.