Cynthia was a model, an influencer, a socialite, a celebrity and a household name in the USA in 1933.

But unlike other celebrities of her day, she got dismantled into pieces at the end of her day and stowed away in a body bag. Cynthia was a mannequin. Her creator, Lester Gaba, a window display designer in New York City, became her manager, puppeteer, and chaperone, taking her to dinner clubs, theater premieres and fashion shows, and performing for her and answering for her to her adoring fans.

Let this duet between Berlin drag king Alexander Cameltoe as Lester Gaba and a puppet version of himself as Cynthia, take you down the slippery slope from entertaining spectacle into the uncanny valley.

The play will be then performed at House of Yes in New York City in April.

In English

  • Mon, February 19, 2024 | 8pmStudio

Alexander Cameltoe & The Mannequins

Written and Conceived by Zoe Lohmann (Germany) | Performed by Alexander Cameltoe (International Man of Mystery) | Digital Artwork by Itar Pas (Argentina) | Production Management by Amaranta Heredia (Spain) | Sound Design by Emilija Fjalkauskaite (Lithuania)

World Premiere