based on the short stories by David Foster Wallace

Brief_InterviewsThis compilation of dialogues and monologues delves into men´s fear of truly being seen or understood. The loneliness, aggression, and rawness of the characters are laid bare by a series of short interviews conducted by a silent female figure. Movement and visual passages disrupt the text to highlight suppressed motives.

Should we be witnessing this? How is the seemingly harmless partially loaded?

“… the inability to make another feel what it´s like to be unable to make another feel.” David Foster Wallace

  • Wed, May 2, 2007 | 8pmMain Stage

with additional three performances until May 5, 2007

Adapted for the stage and directed by Sarah Lewis

With Patrick Lanagan, Oscar Mac-Fall, Matthew Ryan Walthall, Justin Beard, Ralf Arndt and George Lewis

Original music composed by Kevin Ellington Mingus

Artistic Collaborator: Priscilla Be

Set Design: Katja Anzelewsky