We came to Berlin about 7 months ago.

One day we bought a one-way ticket from Lisbon to Berlin and left everything behind. The purpose? Start over. The world is a far too good experience to miss. New country. New city. New people. New language(s). A room and then another, and then a flat. Papers to fill, the verbs, the articles, der, die, das, and Europe on the brink.

Somewhere between spoken word theater and a “dysfunctional” musical in English, Portuguese and German, Übersetzung is a kaleidoscopic view on what’s happening in Europe today.

Following a stunning premiere at the 2016 Expat Expo | Immigrant Invasion festival, we are very excited to invite this production back for three additional performances!


Tickets 14 € (8 € students)

Directed by Ana Ribeiro and António Duarte | With Ana Ribeiro, António Duarte, Ilknur Boyraz, José Miguel Vitorino and Márcia Cardoso | Music and Sound Design by António Duarte